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Southwest factory advantage

Joining advantage in fire companies

Southwest factory fire,Qualifications are attached

Sichuan southwest factory construction engineering co., LTD., scope of business includes all parts of the country,Now facing the whole country to carry out fire certificate are attached、Decoration qualifications are attached。Southwest factory fire the fire industry has specialized in the country、Scale、Younger fire company。
Fire qualification

The technique is advanced,High quality construction

The company has a professional construction team,Company to undertake fire protection engineering project has been evaluated“Excellent project”,Companies have to undertake all the names of the professional inspection institutions to pass the exam,Is the fire department acceptance to pass the exam。
Fire protection construction

Strong,Professional qualities

The company registered capital1200Ten thousand yuan,Licensed security design and construction of the qualifications,Fire protection design and construction of two class aptitude,Building decoration decoration specialized contracting secondary qualification、B。Repeatedly is evaluated“Credit enterprise”、“Optimizing enterprise”。
Southwest factory strength

Join in southwest factory,Advantages in

The qualifications secondary costs High cost performance,There is no other bundling The more the record The branch in the record to do projects Account/Official seal Branch technical guidance Branch network propaganda
Southwest factory advantage

The project services

We have always conquer every customer with high quality service

Fire to advantage

Join the fire branch Qualifications at any time

  • Fire protection design
  • Construction qualification
  • Fire engineering qualifications
  • Fire acceptance
  • Fire protection design

Fire engineering cases

Quality first,Reputation first,Safety first,Service first

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Common problems
  • Q:Fire protection design

    A:The company has a professional design team,To supply customers with professional features of fire control design plan,Clear fire design thoughts and process,Let the customer control basis

  • Q:Fire protection construction

    A:Fire protection construction attention matters:The arrival of the goods should be out of the box score review records,Should check the power can score is greater than the design capacity,In addition to review brand in particular.....

  • Q:Fire acceptance

    A:The fire acceptance basis:《Hereby of the People's Republic of China》;《Construction of fire supervision and management regulations》Such as fire regulations;Construction project fire acceptance criteria。

  • Q:Decoration to join us

    A:One class aptitude special decoration engineering design+Decoration project specialized contracting grade qualification。Decoration design、The construction business can begin;

  • Q:Fire engineering

    A:Including fire engineering system:Fire water system、Automatic fire alarm system、Gas fire extinguishing system、The smoke control system、Emergency evacuation system、Fire control communication system, etc。

  • Q:Decoration engineering

    A:Kind of high-rise civil buildings outside the civil construction、Workshop、The warehouse、Storage tank、Yard of decoration engineering

  • Q:Decorate charge

    A:Engaged in the renovation of the new、The expansion、Reconstruction, such as static,The registered capital shall be according to their own、Professional and technical personnel、Technology and equipment requirements, etc

  • Q:Fire to join us

    A:Join the project:Sichuan southwest lianjian company specializing in the installation of fire engineering construction,With many years experience of fire engineering construction、Fire engineering solutions experts

  • Q:Fire callings

    A:Registered fire engineers for the design of fire control facilities project evaluation、In use and safe operation has veto power;

  • Q:Chapter design was completed

    A:Professionals to undertake fire fighting design blueprint affix one's seal、Fire design affix one's seal、Fire control plan approval design seal of a dragon, fire service design seal。