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2018International printing consumables show a successful ending
Based on China,Look around the world2018Years10Month20Zhuhai international conference center one every three days brought together many well-known brands of printing consumables...
2018-10-23 10:21:00
roll up our sleeves to work harde,Zhou Lewei chairman for mei to boost confidence,Hype!
   6Month13Monday morning,Gree group company secretary of the party committee、The chairman Wang Yonghua Zhou Lewei rate vice President...
2018-06-15 09:29:51
2017Mei da China(Zhuhai)International printing consumables
 2017Years10Month12Day,China(Zhuhai)International exhibition of printing consumables(Hereinafter referred to as“Zhuhai consumables”)Grand opening in zhuhai...
2017-10-17 10:13:21

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Zhuhai mei da technology co., LTD(The original zhuhai gree magneto-electric co., LTD,Was established1986Years),Is a sino-foreign joint venture holding gree group,Is China's earliest、The largest collection research and development、Production、Sales、One of the logistics in the integration of printing supplies production base。Products are mainly covers:Drum unit、Powder components、Drum components、Bottled powder、The cartridge、Fill in the ink、Needles and ribbon、With the core、Thermal transfer ribbon, etc all series printer supplies。Mei da to produce compatible cartridges300A、Drum unit40The strength of all,Among the forefront of the industry。Over the years,“Are consumables”With the high quality product、The unique marketing management mode and perfect after-sales service mechanism,Win the recognized by consumers around the world。

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